Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visual Reward System

To help encourage students to complete more desk tasks, I pulled out this old reward chart that I made a few years ago in my first year of teaching.
How it works:

It's sort of set out like a game board. Each star has a number on it. I cut some velcro spots in half and stuck the rough side to the stars.

I printed smiley faces onto coloured paper, laminated them and stuck the soft velcro half on the back.
I placed a velcro spot in the centre so that goals can be changed. For this student, I took a picture of them working at their desk and stuck it in the centre as their current goal. I love using photographs as visuals for young students. Our class promise/rules are photographs of them doing that rule blown up. I stuck them up on the wall so they see every day what they should be doing.

Each time the student completes a desk task, they get to place a velcro smiley face on a star. We then count how many they have left until their goal.

For their goal, I give a choice between two rewards.