Sunday, September 15, 2013

Building Better Sentences

Ok, I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I would do a follow up post on my maths but I'm skipping that for the moment and will do it soon!

Today, I wanted to share with you some easy activity sheets that I've put together to help children 'build' better sentences.

I thought the best way to explain the sheets is to show you!
#1 Give students an activity sheet.
#2 See that cute little picture in the corner?
Students write a simple sentence to match that little picture.
What if they have trouble coming up with a sentence, or you have some little ones that you know you'll need to guide?
No problem!
I've included a simple sentence sort that matches each activity sheet/picture so you are able to differentiate!
#3 Students 'build' their sentence by using a conjunction to make their sentence 'bigger'.
#4 Finally, they make their sentence even better by adding some adjectives to make their wonderful sentence descriptive and exciting!
I've included 30 activity sheets with different pictures and each one comes with a simple sentence sort for differentiation.
I've also included different spellings/words to suit everyone (e.g. crocodile/alligator).
It's 20% off for the next few days!
How do you get your students building bigger sentences?


  1. Love this! Very cute Shanyn.

  2. Even though I am in middle school, I have a couple of students who need something like this to work on daily. It's going on my wish list. Thanks for sharing, Heather

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  4. This is awesome!!! I Love it!!! What a super idea :-) I'm always telling me kids "more information....." :-)