Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Back to School Buys

Hello, friends!
This is my first year teaching Prep (K or Foundation)! 5 weeks in and my head is still above water - hooray !!!
I know I'm completely late to the party but I still wanted to share with you some back to school purchases that I made because.....well, let's be honest, I just wanted to! I spent WAY too much but it made me happy.
 I don't do a theme every year but this year I went with bees! Our class are the Prep B Brave Bees!

Some hands-on accessories for the new classroom: Foam blocks, plastic connecting blocks, wooden blocks and a plastic food playset - all courtesy of Kmart :)

I've seen many teachers that have headbands or hats as a visual to show students they are not to be interrupted (for example, during reading groups). I chose this cute bow headband from the cheap shop.

Some prize box additions!

When your local Riot Art craft shop has a 50% off sale, you stock up!

Thanks to Aldi, my stamp supply shall never diminish! The poster I am going to cut up and laminate.

These books were crazy cheap at Aldi! A nice Australian twist on some classics.

Is anyone else out there a massive Daiso fan?! You just find things there that you can't // don't find anywhere else! Like these amazing magnetic pen holders!

 THESE !!!!
My lovely teaching partner found these at Daiso. They are actually just super cute microfibre cleaning mittens but she has used them for her sensory students. Well, I just needed (yes NEEDED) to have one of each colour :)

 See what I mean??? I've never seen cute memo sticky notes like these before! I love them!

I follow an amazing teacher on Instagram (@smartieeepants) and she made these adorable marble monsters to build strength in her students' fingers and hands. I made some of my own and am in love with them!

I did some handy work (and got VERY sunburnt doing it) and spray painted these perfectly-sized tins for my group tables. I also decided it would be a great idea to spray paint the blue trolley yellow (to fit with my bee theme).
It took forever and was soooo expensive. Not one of my best ideas but at least it looked good.

 I unashamedly went to extreme lengths to acquire one of these Lorna Jane lunch bags. My heart was set on it and I just couldn't let it go. So happy I persevered in finding one!

One last message...
I'll post some classroom pics next post! :)