Sunday, March 30, 2014

Swap, Share, Give: A blog linky from Down Under!

Some friends and I have swapped some of our products with each other to try them out and we have decided to give you all a sneak peek at what we used!
I was lucky enough to try out Mrs Poultney's Reading Response sheets.
I was so excited to try these out with my class because they fit perfectly with my literacy rotations. I have 5 rotations - Guided Reading, Reading Response, Read to Self, Word Work and Work on Writing.

I only remembered to take pictures of one of the sheets we completed :( BUT they really enjoyed filling them in and did such a great job! The children found them easy to understand and follow which is total bonus!

My five reading groups each have different texts so I was relieved to find that these reading response sheets worked with each of their books! I have often come across response activities that don't work with any book.
Here are some of the other response sheets in the pack:
Mrs Poultney has a bunch of freebies on her blog so make sure you go and visit her here to get your own copies!

Guess what?! We have decided to give all of the wonderful products that we have reviewed away to one lucky winner! Just enter via the rafflecopter below!

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