Sunday, March 17, 2013

Five for Friday...on Saturday!

Alright, so I'm a day late (TWO days late if you count that I'm in Australia) but I want to join in with Doodle Bugs' Five for Friday because I have a few things to share with everyone.

1. I only have 2 weeks left until Easter break. I am VERY much looking forward to this break. I wanted to squeeze in a few Easter activities before we go on break. To kick things off I created this cute activity last night:
 I can't wait to do it with my class! They will look so cute hanging in our room.

2. My fluffy Buddy boy has grown up! He is taking walks now (sort of) and loving playing with the 'big kids' at the dog park. Look how much he's grown!!!
He got diggin' in the backyard.
 3. I have started my Masters in Education. I'm doing Studies in Literacy and my first subject is Functional Grammar. The technical language is overwhelming! Has anyone else done any study in Functional Grammar? Any advice?

4. I've been busy creating some other products. Here they are:
5. I've put my St. Patrick's Day items on sale for the next day. Click on the images below to check them out!

I hope to have something more interesting to share with you all next Friday!!


  1. I'm hoping to start my masters this year too - the functional grammar part scares me a little haha.

    Love your Easter craftivity - so cute!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  2. I love following your blog - you are so creative. It is nice to connect with other Aussie bloggers.

  3. Oh good luck! I don't know about you, but I was never taught grammar at school and we have a literacy program that it chockers of grammatical features! I all knew was nouns were naming words and verbs were doing words lol. Good luck!

  4. You'll enjoy grad school; there is so much to learn!
    Tamra First Grade Buddies

  5. Love your craftivity Shanyn! So looking forward to Easter hols too, we have 4 weeks left!! I have a truck load of Functional Grammar stuff, yucko! I did a course around 4 yrs ago and my school was heavily into using it.
    Good. Luck.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  6. That sweet puppy is too cute! I'm almost finished with my master's. I have one more class and a capstone to complete. Yay! I'm so lucky that my requirements did not include Functional Grammar! Good luck!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  7. I'm not sure which is cuter - the bunny writing or the puppy!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  8. I just found your blog. I love it! We are your newest follower :) Stop by and visit us if you get the chance :)


  9. I did a functional grammar action research project in one of my masters subject. Call me a nerd but I love functional grammar. If you are an EQ employee lots of functional grammar resources on The Learning Place.

    Good luck

  10. I LOVE Coffee, lists, and those cute CUPCAKES!! And Your Blog!! I'm your newest follower, Heather