Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have been gone a VERY long time so I feel I first need to apologise...Sorry!

Here in Australia, we are just wrapping up our Summer holiday break. I have actually taken a break from school work these holidays (hence the lack of posts). Instead, I have been incredibly busy planning my wedding. Stressful, but very exciting!

I am going into my classroom this coming week to put everything back together for my new 2014 class. I will be back during the week to post some pics.

For now, however, I wanted to share with you an exciting new product of mine.

I am a very visual person and need to see examples of things before I use or do them so I thought I would share the activity pages for the mini booklets.

The booklets cover the digraphs ch, sh, ph, th, wh and ck. Each booklet has 5 short activities to complete - one for each day of the school week! The same activities repeat in each booklet but, obviously, the digraph changes. Here's what is inside.
All fonts in images below by KG Fonts
 DAY 1
 DAY 2
  DAY 4
  DAY 5 - I noticed a teeny mistake on this page (which has now been corrected)
I've put these on sale for the next 48 hours - 50% off! Click on any picture to head on over to check them out :)

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  1. These look FANTASTIC, Shanyn! I'll be adding them to my cart right now.!

    Miss Galvin Learns