Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School Chatterboxes / Cootie Catchers!

Hello friends!

Do you sometimes have a concept that you need to teach that you just think to yourself, "How ELSE can I teach this to make it fun for the students AND me?"

I had this moment a few weeks ago. I had to revise months and seasons and I was bored with all of my usual lessons.

I knew I wanted it to be fun for the kids and tried to think of what I found fun as a kid (and what they might still be interested in).

Then it hit me.


At least that's what I've always called them. I think they are also known as cootie catcher or Chinese fortune tellers.

This is the one I whipped up for the class as a model.

The kids all made their own versions using some square paper that I had, buddied up and then had to use their chatterboxes with each other.

It was such a hit revision lesson and was completely made up that morning!

It got me wondering in what other ways I could use them and realised they could very easily be used in an array of ways to revise concepts.

I put together some other printable ones in a packet that could be used for grades K-3 to revise different concepts. Here are some sneak peeks:



 The concepts I've included revise seasons, colours, 2D and 3D shapes, common sight words, numbers and the alphabet! I've also made sure I've included spelling for both my US and Australian friends.

If you click on the cover page picture above, it will take you to it in my store. Download the preview to get this colour chatterbox for FREE!

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