Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's never too late for Christmas ideas!

Hello friends!

I've been meaning to share with you the Christmas and end-of-year activities that I did with my Year 2s at the end of last year. My end of year was so crazy that it completely slipped my mind and before I knew it, it was time to go back to school again!

However, I believe it is NEVER too late for Christmas ideas (I am constantly taking screenshots and pinning ideas throughout the year in preparation). FYI that is where I get nearly all of my ideas - from everyone else! I am so grateful that there are other creative people out there willing to share their amazing ideas because I don't know what I would be doing without them!

So, yes it is February but here are some of the things that we did:

 Our class made these 'stained-glass windows'. They turned out AMAZING and looked so good on the windows. We had lots of compliments. The idea is from Kinder Craze.
My lovely teaching partner at the time had made the most adorable terrariums with the kids as parent gifts. I loved the idea so much that I made them with our class, too. They weren't as good as hers but were still very cute! I think I'll do them again this year :)
Schools are very strict on use of chemicals (understandably) and what the kids use for experiments. Instead of doing these together, we all used pipe cleaners to make snowflakes and I sent the recipe home for them to do if they wanted. I took this one home and did the experiment for the class. I brought it in the next day and they loved seeing the crystals that had formed. I was SO impressed with how it turned out! I used the experiment from Martha Stewart.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I wanted to use it as an end-of-year gift for the kids. The original idea is from here. I just recreated my own labels, bought large, medium and small marshmallows, pretzel sticks (that I snapped in half) and choc nibs then put them in a small plastic bag. I couldn't find anything for the nose, sadly, but the kids loved them all the same!
We made reindeer cookies that turned about pretty adorable...and delicious! I just used milk arrowroot cookies, choc tiny teddies, silver sugar balls, icing and choc-organge balls (jaffas).


It was a great end to the school year!

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