Sunday, October 11, 2015

End of Year Teacher Tips

Hello teacher friends!

Here in Australia, we have just started our final term of school for the year. This means that we have about 10 weeks until our summer break commences. It is a fun term for us, filled with lots of exciting activities for our students to conclude their year of learning.

It is, however, often a term that can be stressful and busy. I have teamed up with some online Australian blogging friends to bring you some tried and tested teacher tips that you can implement now (or begin to plan for) to make this term easier to manage.
These tips are simple and relatively easy to implement. Keeping things simple and practical is one effective strategy for easing classroom craziness.
So, what's my tip?

An end-of-year events calender!

Sounds like common sense but it can be an absolute life saver for yourself and parents!

My amazing teaching buddy sends home to parents a calendar that clearly shows important dates for the last few weeks of school. I think it's a brilliant idea and will be doing with my class this year. The end of the school year can be pretty crazy for us teachers but it can also be pretty stressful for parents, too. There are often many events and important dates to remember in the last few weeks of school and a calendar is the perfect visual to keep track of all of these.

Visit the other blogs in the link up below to find more ways to cruise through Term 4. For continued ideas and time savers, don't forget to also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest!
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  1. What a great idea Shanyn! I love this, we have such a busy term 4 this year, swimming, performances, excursions....I am definitely going to do this! Thanks for the tip.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. Love this idea Shanyn - and as a parent, I would find it so useful - nothing beats having reminders stuck on the fridge! :)

  3. Agreed! Great idea... and some of the kids may take it on themselves to check the calendar each day to remind their mum what's coming up.

  4. Awesome idea! This is definitely one I'm going to start work on straight away - the parents will love it!

  5. The calendar is such a good visual for us and the kids - I love them for every month.
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  6. What a fabulous idea. Such a great visual reminder for everyone of all the big things happening during such a busy time.

    Miss Galvin Learns

  7. Such a wonderful idea for the parents, children and yourself!