About Me

Hi friends!

  • I'm S! I teach in the most amazing place in the world - Australia!

  • I am Primary Years trained and have been teaching now for 8 years.

  • I have taught first and second grade and am about to begin my third year of Prep (or Kindergarten for some).

  • I've learned so much from my fellow educators via social media and the internet. I hope to share ideas (some my own and some from others) that may inspire creativity and excitement in classrooms all over the world!

  • Please interact with the site! We're all here to learn and share.

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  1. Hi S!
    The site looks great. Can't wait to see the resources section when it is up and running. As a student teacher and home school mum, I love getting inspired by what other in-service teachers are doing.
    I use R.I.C to supplement some science lessons at home and I love their books, especially the clear links to the AC.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for your comment. I've just added some sample resources of some of our products. I hope you find some of them useful! :)