Monday, January 1, 2018

Editable File Folder Labels

 Happy 1st day of 2018!
I'm about to go into my ninth year of teaching. It's safe to say that I have gathered my fair share of resources over those years. I started getting frustrated with being able to locate and find resources that I knew I had but could not for the life of me find.

I needed a system. Something simple and easy to use. I'm a visual person so I knew I needed pictures and colours to help me with this.

I already had a bunch of file folders that I had just thrown some resources into but there was zero method to my madness.

So, I put some method into it and came up with this:
I sorted all of my smaller laminated and printed resources (games, posters, etc) into their own file folder and attached some labels that I made. I put one large one on the front and then two small ones at either end on the top of the folders so they are easily visible. I have so many Literacy and general classroom resources that I already have to folders for both of them.
I'm super happy with my new system. Everything is so much easier to find. No more second guessing myself about a game or set of display posters that I thought I'd printed but could not find.

I have put together a set of labels for the file folders plus an editable file for teachers to customise in our TPT store.

Click the image above to see what labels are included.
If you have any suggestions of labels to add, let us know!

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