Sunday, January 7, 2018

Graduate Teacher Tips Series: 2. Classroom Essentials!

When I entered the classroom for the first time as a graduate teacher, I had no idea what necessities I should have in my room. Today social media has made it so much easier to know what others have in their rooms to guide graduates. BUT it can also be a lot of pressure to see established teachers with all of their years of resources piled high and ready to go.
Don't forget, every school has some resources (books, games, etc). Yes, some more than others. You don't need to have every...single...thing printed, laminated and ready to go for Day 1 (this is something I still have to keep reminding myself).

SO if you are heading into your very own classroom for the first time, some of my teacher friends and I have put together a list of some things that every classroom should have and we can't teach without.

Thanks to my friends for contributing:
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Whether you are heading in for those first few days to start setting up your room at the start of the year or you pick up a contract after school has started, the following are absolute MUSTS. Believe me, you will need them and if you're in the primary years then you will need them daily! Make sure you set aside a designated area for the following, out of reach of little hands.

Liquid or foam pump soap (this is for you AND the students!)
Dishwashing liquid
Chux, sponges or microfibre cloths
Hand towels (lots)
Dustpan & brush
Baby wipes (yep, you'd be amazed at how handy these are)
 Old sheets/towels for messy projects
Spare plastic bags
These are essentials for general classroom organisation for primary:

Good quality Sharpies
Laundry marker
Easel pad/butcher's paper (giant writing material)
Bell (or something to get the students' attention)
Whiteboard markers/chalk
Rolls of clear contact adhesive
Safety pins
A 'finished work' tray
Teacher letterbox/tray (for students to put permission slips or notes)
5-10 great picture books to start off
Welcome poster
Stop watch & Timer 
Multiple printed class rolls
Visual timetable
Velcro dots
Stapler/staple gun
Blu tack
The last list is all about you! Those first few years of teaching are pretty full on - stressful but so exciting! It is important to remember to look after yourself, too. Preparing these few things will help you when you're too busy to remember!

Spare water bottle
Pressed powder
Lip balm or lip stick
Coffee, tea bags & cup
Raincoat or umbrella
Hair bands
Chocolate/Snack stash
Warm jacket (to leave in the room)
Ballet flats
Spare coins (for emergency coffee)
A spare phone charger

Click the image below to get a printable copy!


  1. what a great idea for beginner teachers. Wish I had this when I started

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, Michelle! I agree! I wish somene had have told me about all of the 'All About You' things!