Tuesday, January 2, 2018

FREE Group Tin Labels

How do you organise your stationery supplies in the classroom?
Are students responsible for their own equipment?
Do you have group tubs, tins, boxes or caddies where resources are shared?

I am teaching Prep (Foundation/Kindergarten) again this year. I want the children to build responsibility for their equipment over their first year of schooling. In order to do this, we begin the school year with group tins where we share equipment that I supply. These tins include:

* Writing/lead pencils
* Coloured pencils
* Crayons
* Scissors
* Glue Sticks
* Sometimes felt pens

I model how to use the equipment safely and appropriately. I also model how to take care of it all by putting lids back on glue sticks and putting things back where they belong. As the year goes on, we introduce their own pencil cases where the children are then responsible for their own stationery.

To help remind the children of what to do with the shared group tins, I put a label on it for them to clearly see.
I include clear visuals for students to follow and some simple words for classroom guests (or even the those ones who may already be able to read).

If you'd like a FREE copy, click on the image below.

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